Why it’s a Good Time to Play with Webkit CSS Properties

So, after getting an email from Sitepoint this past week, I decided to drink some of the Webkit CSS kool-aide. If you’re in a Webkit browser, go ahead, rollover the links and navigation.

541261383_b89f85bcca_t.jpgTo give a very quick background, Webkit is the foundation for the Safari Web browser. Additionally, many OS X apps use Webkit to display Web content. NetNewsWire, Mail.app, the Dashboard, are just a few. Site-Specific Browsers (SSBs) like those built on Fluid are also using Webkit.

Basically, if an OS X app’s Web integration has a tight feel to it, you can bet that it’s using Webkit.

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iPhoneDevCampNYC pt.2 – Sessions and Explorations

Session One “Installing SDK and ‘Hello World’” (or Bonjour Monde :-) with Shawn Van Every and Eric Redlinger

Installing SDK and Hello World (or Bonjour Monde :-)Photo by cstoller

Well, I wanted to get my hands dirty in the IDE. So, I went to the SDK installation, and xCode introduction. I’ve been through the tutorials, but thought that some real face-time instruction would be good.

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iPhoneDevCampNYC pt.1 – Oh, the People You’ll Meet

iPhoneDevCamp LogoSo, made it to another NYC tech event. On a Saturday no less. Anyway, this was the first BarCamp I’ve ever attended. I’ve been wanting to attend one for quite some time and was bummed to miss the big one a couple months ago. This however, made up for it because we covered one of my favorite topics: experience design. Oh wait, yeah, on the iPhone. So, even better.
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Blue Flavor Announces iPhone Apps Service – Leaflets

Wow. Here’s an interestingly bold move by Seattle-based mobile Web design firm, Blue Flavor. Brian Fling, CEO, announced a sweet collection of Web 2.0 favorites implemented for iPhone-iddy goodness.

Check the discussion Here’s the site: Blue Flavor Leaflets

Frankly, it’s a tight little app collection. Just as Fling noted that the iPhone has set the bar for what Mobile Design can be, Blue Flavor set a pretty good precedence for just what that said design could be like.