NetNewsWire Quick Tip – Layout Switchin’ for Widescreens

satellite.png Another little surprise popped up in NetNewsWire today while trying to fix a problem. Something borked my layout and setting it back was not very intuitive. As I’ve mentioned before in a previous post, NetNewsWire could be more user-friendly with its features. Feature-rich it is, but some engineering foresight could make it sing a little prettier.

This time it’s for those fortunate enough to have a widescreen. Always looking for ways to declutterize my life, I try to find solutions to make best use of the space around me. This includes my frequented physical space such as desk and office area, but as a UI designer, maximizing my computer’s screen real estate is part and parcel to the job. Unfortunately for me, I’m much better at the latter, but for you, someone looking to squeak a little more user-friendliness out of your feed-reading experience, I can impart this tip to help you make better use of that additional lateral screen space.

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TwerpScan – Good Name; Good Way to Zap Them

There’s been much contemplation as to what to call these… whatevers who follow 1000s of people on twitter, but with few followers. In a previous post, calling them a “spwitter” was an idea, but I agree, that was a little too cute and there’s very little cuteness about these… whatevers. “Spit” (spam + twit) is a good name for it. It’s nasty; it should have a nasty name.
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