Ahhh… finally.

Finally. I’ve ventured to a place that brings light and hope to my travels. 9rules has a write up about a nifty organization: Godbit.
I’m rather new to Web 2.0. (so pardon any misplaced etiquette) Well, let’s say, I’m just now getting around to upgrading. I’ve been running the “demo version” for awhile, meaning, I’ve been watching it, just not really participating in it, the way I shoulda’ ya know? At any rate, what a blessing! I’ve been all about the benefits of standards, accessibility, etc. etc. So many folks out here, while very talented and admirable with their desire to make a better Web, technically” . I mean, dag! TV is a joke. And the Web has historically been such a prolific cornucopia of filth, it’s nice to finally find a group like Godbit. Christianity meets Web Standards. Simply great. Now THIS is my mix of Design Principles with Life Principles. Love it! Top spot in my Mandatory Reading file. Praise Him!


Hello world!

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I know this is the original post and most would perhaps delete it, but you know, after playing and working with computers since I was five, there’s something…. nostalgic about it. If you’ve ever learned BASIC, there is no doubt you know, “Hello World.” Continue reading “Hello world!”