Carcinogenic People

They’re in our workplaces. They’re in our families. They’re in our social groups. They’re even in our churches. Like the tar-tainted wispy exhaust from the lit end of a cigarette, negative persons’ behaviors can seep in to our spirits, mutating our souls, and withering it’s verdure.

That is, if we let them. The problem is, it’s easy to let them. When our flesh starts gettin’ itchy, nothing can be more tantalizing than the treat of a dirty joke here or some juicy gossip there.

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Flesh and Disobedience

You are human. You are flesh and bone.

What is the flesh? In the physical sense, our flesh is the stuff wrapped around our bones, but on the spiritual front, flesh has a life of it’s own.

  • Flesh wants that which does belong to it; it drives us to desire that which we cannot have or afford.
  • When our hearts seek to love, our flesh will trash it into lust.
  • Our flesh screams out for attention, screeching to world in a thousand voices, “look at me, want me, come to me!”
  • It’s our flesh that drives us to have the last word in an conflict – causing the other person to retaliate and escalates arguments into explosions of emotions leaving relationships irreparably damaged.
  • When you think to put off until tomorrow what you should do today, that is your flesh bringing you down.

Giving into your flesh feels good – at first. Sooner or later, though, that satisfaction will give way to guilt or shame and you will have regrets.

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Stay the Course. Retain Your Purity

Being a *ahem* thirty-something now, I don’t hear about this topic too often any more. Being the father of a 9-year-old girl, It’s certainly still a concern.

I found a great site that encourages teens to act their age when comes to sex: StayTeen

It’s apparently becoming quite popular ‚Äì the site that is. The only thing that gets me is that they’re not overt in their communication with respect to abstinence. At least not right off the bat. “Safe-sex” education is not the answer to stopping teen pregnancy folks, abstinence is.

They do get into some facts about abstinence under a couple links, here’s the direct link: Abstinence at Stay

While I’m at it, figure I’ll share another great group: Dads and Daughters. Their mission is to promote healthy relationships between fathers and daughters. Surprisingly, many fathers distance themselves from their daughters not even realizing it and are more likely to connect and bond with their sons. Fact is, daughters need this relationship (among tons of other reasons) because more often than not, it’s this relationship that sets the grounds for their future husbands.

There are a lot of great sites publishing on these topics. If you have any you’d like to share please do.