NetNewsWire Quick Tip – Layout Switchin’ for Widescreens

satellite.png Another little surprise popped up in NetNewsWire today while trying to fix a problem. Something borked my layout and setting it back was not very intuitive. As I’ve mentioned before in a previous post, NetNewsWire could be more user-friendly with its features. Feature-rich it is, but some engineering foresight could make it sing a little prettier.

This time it’s for those fortunate enough to have a widescreen. Always looking for ways to declutterize my life, I try to find solutions to make best use of the space around me. This includes my frequented physical space such as desk and office area, but as a UI designer, maximizing my computer’s screen real estate is part and parcel to the job. Unfortunately for me, I’m much better at the latter, but for you, someone looking to squeak a little more user-friendliness out of your feed-reading experience, I can impart this tip to help you make better use of that additional lateral screen space.

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Mac OS X TextEdit Tip: ESC Open Autocomplete Dialog

Always cool when you’re clipping along on something and by complete mistake you discover a great trick. I’m pretty sure most OSes have a simple text editor. Mac OS X’s is called TextEdit. Frankly, I use it for just about every lightweight text-editing because it is so versatile. Last night on my commute home, I was pondering and prioritizing life as I usually do about this time of year â?? something ’bout the upcoming spring me thinks. Well, we hit a bump in the road and my finger nailed ESC and POOF! up comes an autocomplete dialog. Thought that was some pretty awesome usability.

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!Pressing ESC in TextEdit reveals an auto-complete

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And Another Skitch

Figured I’d do something with this new Skitch toy. Social networking around screengrabs and doodles. Who knew? Oh yeah, the cool peeps at Plasq who made Comic Life.

Yeah, that was pretty cool, have to say.

I just think this illustration is funny. Notice how even with the protective cover, they still recommend wearing a strap. It’s like, listen buddy, if you screw this one up, you’re no-doubt doubly dumb.